If you are interested in knowing more about Mervyn Peake, the Titus Groan trilogy, the BBC series, or other related topics, here are some sites to try.

To find other sites potentially related to Mervyn Peake and Gormenghast, try this link to the amazing Key Word Map project. Be warned that browsing this map is highly addictive!

To find other people who are also interested in either the books or the series, try the following:

If you want to read more about the books, or to buy them on-line, the Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Works website has a review of the Titus Groan books, and some very useful links to purchase these from various sites:

For more information about Mervyn Peake himself:


Peake Studies is a periodical that provides an independent forum for criticism and debate for all those interested in Mervyn Peake's life and work as an artist, novelist, poet, and illustrator.

It is not actually an on-line periodical, more an introduction to the real periodical, which is available on subscription.

For books by and about Mervyn Peake:

For other things related to Mervyn Peake and Gormenghast:

In case you do not know, Michael Moorcock is a long-time admirer of Mervyn Peake, and did much to promote Peake's work. He has also contributed to this site, so adding a link back to his own site seems the least I can do in return!

Also, pay a visit to Susie Green's site, where she has some 3D graphics (including a downloadable animation) based on Gormenghast.

Those of you who have visited this site (and this page) before might be aware that I originally included the address of the Mervyn Peake Society. Sadly, this society has now ceased to be, so the address has been removed.

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